Gold Coast Golf Club
Ballinacourty, Dungarvan,
Co. Waterford.

Notes 26th Nov

Gold Coast Golf Club Notes 26th November 2018:


John White Carpentry Winter League:

The rounds of golf are continuing to be clocked up and after 4 weeks the number of games played is up to 473. Dunhill continues to lead the way with 410 pts, Copper Coast and Tourneena are together on 402 pts, Ballinacourty slip back to 387 pts, Abbeyside make big gains and are now on 383 pts, Dungarvan on 380 and Deise on 379 complete the field. It is early day yet and a real picture will not emerge until most of the players have their ten games in.


Christmas is coming!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we all look forward to the festive season once again. It is also the time when we think of the people who will struggle over this period and here in the Gold Coast our members have always been exceptionally generous in donating to the Lions Christmas Appeal, an appeal that helps the ‘less well off’ with vouchers for food and fuel. The Lions week will take place from Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th December and every cent contributed during that week will go directly to the appeal.

There will also be the usual raffle for a Hamper for 1st prize, a turkey for 2nd prize and a ham for 3rd prize. Our outgoing Captain, Tim O’Driscoll, has once again sponsored the hamper, for which we are truly grateful. Tickets for this raffle can be purchased in the kiosk at €2 a strip or 3 strips for €5.


Monday 26th Nov–Friday 30th Nov : Rd 5  Winter League
Tuesday: 27th November: Open Seniors, Ladies & Gents 50+
Friday 30th November: Open Gents 18 holes Singles.
Saturday 1st Dec – Sunday 2nd Dec: Rd 6 Winter League
Monday 3rd – Friday 9th Dec : Lions Club Christmas Appeal Week

Tuesday 20th November Open Seniors
1st: Gerry Comerford (15) 38pts

2 Francis O’Connor (19) 38pts

Monday 19th Nov – Fri 23rd Nov Wk 4 Winter League 18 Holes singles CSS 39pts
1st Alan Landers (14) 40pts
2nd Alan Harty (0) 39pts
Gross Michael White (0) 35pts

Sat. 24th & Sun. 25th November Wk 5 Winter League 18 Holes Singles, CSS


1st :  Liam Beresford (13) 45pts

Cat (0-7):  Pat Power (6) 42pts

Cat (8-13):  John Hughes (12) 42 pts

Cat (14-18):  John McArthur (14) 41pts

Cat (19+):  Willie Bloomer (24) 41pts


Gents 10 Hole #5 Ham Winner Ger Darcy (14) 23pts.


2019 Rules of Golf App at

The Official App for the 2019 Rules of Golf includes nearly 30 diagrams and how-to videos that help to explain the Rules and gives guidance for many common situations.  Other features include:

Improved Search Functionality

A Visual Search – to help you quickly find the Rule you need

Rules of Golf Quiz

A Rules Essentials section will follow later in 2018 to help you learn the basics

Gold Coast Golf Club warmly welcome Societies and Green fees and we look forward to greeting you and your guests and friends in 2019.
Here at the Gold Coast our golf course is maintained in excellent condition, with our greens offering superb playability and presentation all year round.
With our top quality golf course, spectacular scenery, comfortable surroundings in our hotel bar and restaurant, a warm and friendly welcome awaits our visitors.
Our society rates are very competitive for 2019 and our Director of Golf Irene Lynch is available to provide advice and assistance to the Organisers of outings and Classics. Contact Irene on 05844055 or for favourable rates and to discuss your booking requirements.  We aim to ensure that all our visitors enjoy their day with us and we look forward to making your outing in 2019 a memorable one.

Every Tuesday at the Gold Coast we host our popular Open Seniors (50+) Gents and Ladies Singles competition.  Visitor Entry is 12 euro or Golf and Carvery 20 euro.  For bookings visit our club website or phone 058 44055.

Every Friday at the Gold Coast we host an Open Gents Singles Stableford competition.  Visitor Entry is 15 euro or Golf and Carvery 25 euro.  For bookings visit our club website or phone 058 44055.

Gold Coast Golf Club has very attractive membership rates for members.  For information on Full and Over 65 subscriptions including our special introductory offers for new members contact Irene on 058 44055.







10 Hole On-going Ham Competition

13 Hole 2 card Competition sponsored by Dalton Jewellers running to 15th Dec

9 Hole on-going for beginners


10 hole, Mary Clancy (13) 23pts

Christmas Fun Day

Our Christmas Fun Day takes place on Sunday 9th Dec and will be a team event to include all handicap categories and especially our G.I.G ladies, please add your name to sheet in the kiosk a.s.a.p. This is an all inclusive fun event and we would urge as many as possible to take part, tee times are reserved from 11.00am to facilitate the draw!! Our day will be rounded off with a meal at the Moorings Bar & Restaurant scheduled for 7pm and all are invited to attend, please add your name for meal only if you are unable to play golf on the day!! As usual, this is a wonderful social evening for the ladies to relax and catch up with old and new members – an event not to be missed!!

Winter League sponsored by The Moorings Bar & Restaurant

Our winter league kindly sponsored by The Moorings Bar and Restaurant over 10 holes has now finished Round 3, so the race is on for Round4 which will be our last round before Christmas and with 2 weeks to play we are hoping the weather will be kind to us!!  Well done to the team managers who are very busy contacting and encouraging their members – remember a point is awarded for each round played even when your score is not counting!!

Please note. It’s imperative that all scores be entered in computer, only the best score will count for competition!!

South East Coastal Alliance

Our next outing will be to West Waterford on Thursday, 6th Dec which will be the Christmas outing!! As this is always a special event, I would like to see a good representation from our club!!

Membership Offers

If you are contemplating a new activity and making new friends for 2019 we have the answer, why not join us here at the Gold Coast!! There are many good reasons for joining us, firstly we are an extremely friendly bunch who are always delighted to welcome new members and visitors alike, secondly our course is open all year round due to its natural drainage and last but not least the scenery is breathtaking!!

We here at the Gold Coast are very proud of our course and it’s natural beauty, if you would like to sample same, please contact Irene or Mark on 058-44055 for some very tantalizing deals on offer at the moment for new members. There are always ladies available to take out new beginners and group lessons are arranged with a professional when the golfing season starts.

   Winter League 2018/2019Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12Week 13W14W15
   Copper Coast               
633.50201Liam Clancy3433372939290000     
235.0070Niall Curran403000000000     
534.40172Ned connors343333363600000     
338.33115Darren Power3342400000000     
533.60168Frank Mulvihill373731333000000     
238.0076Ger Darcy403600000000     
636.00216Colin McArthur3230364440340000     
538.20191John McArthur294140384300000     
1134.40344Leo Wall3028373532313831373934    
335.67107Liam Hansbury3536360000000     
636.67220Thomas Power3840383633350000     
434.50138Joe Curran31363635000000     
235.0070Freddie McGuckian353500000000     
640.67244Rosie Murphy3840424439410000     
  Winter League 2018/2019Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12Week 13W14W15
433.75135Geoff Collins36363132000000     
532.80164Declan Kiely342534363500000     
434.50138Johnny Burns37323831000000     
430.00120Tony Lonergan25312935000000     
139.0039David Hallihan39000000000     
138.0038Joey Veale38000000000     
436.25145Rogie Cashin35373835000000     
534.00170Conor Clancy403632342800000     
431.00124Maurice Fennell28263733000000     
10.000Rian O Dwyer0000000000     
633.67202Ted Casey4029343529350000     
436.75147Bobby Fitzpatrick36354036000000     
833.63269Nicky Keane313735363834302800     
529.20146Breda Conway322828292900000     
   Winter League 2018/2019Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12Week 13W14W15
434.50138Pat Power32373633000000     
833.75270David O’Connor362440423531293300     
436.25145Kiki Cullinan36334135000000     
1235.50355Andy Travers353437303335354134372834   
833.88271Jimmy O’Dwyer322634403442303300     
334.00102Tim O’Driscoll3638280000000     
233.0066Tony Condon333300000000     
1237.30373Brian O’Connor394032313536424037392933   
732.14225Des O’Brien42283232323425000     
129.0029Pat Murphy29000000000     
433.25133Billy Long31343533000000     
230.0060Noel McCann293100000000     
432.50130John D Walsh29353432000000     
436.75147Esther McGuckian37403634000000     
   Winter League 2018/2019Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12Week 13W14W15
938.67348John Hughes4139443635424135350     
434.00136Bob O’Brien38323234000000     
337.67113Mark Lenihan3938360000000     
232.5065Michael Lenihan353000000000     
634.50207Seanie Lenihan3435344136270000     
435.50142Conan Watt36393433000000     
435.25141Jerome Maye33433233000000     
434.00136John Enright31453228000000     
432.25129Dave O’Connor42343815000000     
634.00204Alan Landers3736372727400000     
334.67104John Ahern3632360000000     
537.00185Seamus O’Connell394337293700000     
432.50130Tony Walsh34313233000000     
632.67196Mary Clancy3140343235240000     
   Winter League 2018/2019Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12Week 13W14W15
637.17223Tom White 3339384138340000     
938.33345John White3542384140383437400     
536.80184Michael Kavanagh353838373600000     
1037.60376Micheal White41443536383738383435     
735.71250Tom Moore41363739333232000     
437.75151John W Walsh33374635000000     
339.67119Pat Crowley4141370000000     
836.25290Willie Flavin343836393442303700     
834.88279Jack Moore393539383631283300     
237.5075Alan Harty363900000000     
438.25153John Queally38393640000000     
635.83215John Flynn3939423339230000     
133.0033Paul O’Dea33000000000     
424.0096Ruth Hannigan32222814000000     
   Winter League 2018/2019Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12Week 13W14W15
529.60148Nicholas Fitzgerald243030303400000     
634.17205Michael Wall2939393032360000     
735.43248Tommy Long 37403837363327000     
1032.70327Frank Waters32423734293231313425     
437.00148David Kiely38373736000000     
630.67184Willie Bloomer3030333329290000     
329.0087Nicholas Power2930280000000     
332.0096Sean Carmody3234300000000     
434.50138Mick Cronin32433132000000     
737.00259Ger Bagge38383539403435000     
733.00231Michael Whelan24333934353036000     
334.00102Barry Power3928350000000     
336.33109Martin Morris3933370000000     
633.17199Mairead Ryan2635383237310000     
   Winter League 2018/2019Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12Week 13W14W15
335.00105Brian Fahey3237360000000     
837.00296Maurice Swan343537433538373700     
438.25153John Hallinan42413931000000     
334.00102Aaron Crotty3628380000000     
736.57256Larry Whelan36423735353536000     
539.60198Joe Meade414238443300000     
630.83185Rafa Alvarez3334362727280000     
334.67104Tom Reynolds3035390000000     
534.60173 Darren Williams373430393300000     
435.25141Liam Beresford31373736000000     
10.000Neil Dermody0000000000     
435.25141Darren O’Droma35283939000000     
142.0042Jody Hallinan42000000000     
734.29240Ger Hallinan33333640333233000     
  402Copper Coast               


Gold Coast Golf Club, Dungarvan

Gold Coast Golf Club, Dungarvan is a championship parkland course. There are unrivaled views of Dungarvan Bay, the Irish Sea and Helvick Head. Mature tree-lined fairways laid out in 1939 are cleverly mingled with the long and challenging newer holes.

18 holes, par 72, stretching 6,204 metres [6,785 yards] and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean for 1.5 miles.

Dungarvan Golf International 2018

Played over three courses, the singles competition takes place from Monday 28th to Thursday 31st May 2018. For rules and booking information you can download our competition brochure

Gold Coast Golf Club

County Waterford,

Post Code: X35 EA40

Tel: (058)44055


Course Status

The course is open today Friday 15th February 2019.


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